Nathan Jenkins.
Perth, Australia.

Manic music-man and proclaimed geek. Also enjoy eating enough sweets to kill a large bear.

Zelda and her Phantom in SSB4

Remind me not to play Yandere at night. Crazy killer stalker girl had me nearly hitting the roof in surprised shock. D:

Some fucktard decided to step out in front of my car. Naturally, I stop and see if he’s ok, and the fucker starts abusing me. So, I give him the finger and drive off.

It’s my fault if he was crossing whilst my car was stationary and THEN I pull out and hit him. It’s totally his fucking fault when I’m going 20-30km p/h and he decides to just walk. T_T Fucking asshat.


I had been waiting for this day. Sadly, he did not want to play with me. :(

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